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     Valeria Simon is a Moscow native who grew up appreciating her home town exotic culture and distinguished architecture, however an early carrier in Fashion took her on a journey around the world.

Ten years as a Fashion model expanded her worldly outlook as she traveled extensively and lived for lengthily periods of time in  places such as Paris, London, Milan, Barcelona. While living in London, when the time came to decide what to do next  she jumped on to an opportunity to study Interior Design at the capital's most influential Inchbald School of Design.(2006-07) Needlessly to say she has ‘discovered her new passion’. Straight after completing her study she followed by 5 years of intense, yet fun apprenticeship, working for lively and gregarious Elaine Williams of ‘Interior Couture’, most stylish Suzy Hoodless of ‘Suzy Hoodless design’, and lastly for the London’s most quintessential ‘bad-boy’ of Interior design Nicky Haslam.

    In 2014 Valeria established Maison Interiors by Valeria Simon.




    Valeria infuses the design process with her wealth of worldly experience, and her eagerness towards shaping people's environments is infectious.
-Projects are always custom-tailored to meet specific needs.
-Initiated with a strong design concept, each project consistently evolves with ease.
-Final results are functional, confident and stylish.

   Through inspiring design and professional planning, Valeria  artfully balances both classical and contemporary elements to create a clean-lined, sophisticated environment. An understanding for scale and proportion, a gift for colors, shapes and materials along with an attention to detail. Maison interiors by Valeria Simon will create a space that is both refined and inviting. Each project is a personal process and Valeria values the importance of getting to know the tastes and needs of her clients. It is her goal to create a space that will reflect your personality and lifestyle.


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